Tuesday, October 6, 2009

America's Tea party 4th of July ,2009 Dallas Southfork Ranch

On July the 4th of 2009 I had the honor to be one of the SPeakers at the largest Tea party in the whole USA. America's Tea Party:The Dallas Tea Party. Many people gathered there to celebrate our freedom. There were several speakers invited, among those Michelle Malkin which I really enjoyed meeting. Before me there were some speakers that broke the rule of their time and spoke longer than they were asked to so there were some bands playing too so I felt a lot of rush during the speech. THis is not my best speech delivery. I was speaking in both languages English and Spanish. The message was put in Univision afternoon news. SO the time was crucial and I had to SPEED!!!!!!!!!! Spo I apologize for speeding . As a matter of fact, I am very picky evaluator of my speaking engagements. As a good toastmaster I just have a tendency to judge my delivery and the delivery of others. I just did not enjoyed the speed of my delivery,but the message is there. We are a great nation! I believe in personal responsability and fiscal responsability. I believe in the established laws and in national soverignity. I believe we need to get an immigration solution.Please watch the whole 6 minutes even if the last ones are in Spanish becasue I make a statement at the end. Thank you.