Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cathie Adams, New Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas!

The State Republican Executive Committee elected Cathie Adams the party's chairwoman over Melinda Fredricks on a 36-25 vote.

I had the opportunity to meet Cathie Adams for the first time two years ago, and through the last couple of years, I have had the opportunity to meet with her and have had one on one conversations and got to know her better. Cathie is a very kind and brilliant woman. She is a good listener and also gives good answers . Not only she listens but she takes in account what people think, and that is one of the things I most admire in her. She always would find time to talk with people. She is a wife, mother and a grandmother, but always cares for others as well. Cathie has been very committed fo many, many years in working voluntarily for her country at her own cost without seeking self-recognition but with the purpose to help our state and our country to return to the conservative values that our Founding Fathers had when this country was founded.

It breaks my heart to read in some articles that some people have attacked her because her Christian faith, when in fact, I think is because her faith that she has been strong and committed to care for other people's welfare and to work hard, so we may have a better America.
Yes, Mrs. Adams is a Christian woman and she is not ashamed of it. Many of us, Christians like to share our faith because we know Jesus. But let me tell you that a Christian in politics has a hardest time in been appreciated in other many areas and giftedness because the very first thing that liberals use to attack is our faith and with that they try to hide the fact that there are many other great talents that people have besides their strong faith. Cathie has endured harsh comments from the press and has stood strong because she knows Who gives her strength to continue. Cathie is a mature lady with a lot of skills and experience. She will make the GOP run in an adecuate manner in Texas and she will encourage the people of Texas to grow the GOP! Her fight is for the conservative values and for the freedom of our country and many of us stand strong on that. Cathie knows why the government should not get into people's lives and that government should be giving accountability to the people and not people to the government! She cares for the life of the unborn and the protection of the family. She cares for low taxation, for personal and fiscal responsability. She spends hours defending and protecting our freedom.
For those who attack Cathie and others like me, who are Christians involved in politics, let me tell you that we are not fearful of any of you because we will continue standing strong. Just like Cathie has and many of us are doing too! This country needs more people from Judeo-Christian principles to stand strongly in their values and to vote their values! So we are not going to stop just because people criticize us for being conservative. We need more people like Cathie Adams to stand strong for what is truth and right.

Cathie is a giving person, gives her time, work and resources to the community. I strongly support the role of Cathie Adams as the new GOP chair. She is very committed to outreach and engage with the Latinos and the other minority groups in Texas. Cathie is friends with Americans and immigrants from all ethnic backgrounds. I am one of them. Cathie has always made time for me to discuss the issues that we are concerned in our country. She is already doing an absolutely awesome job. Cathie has two decades of experience serving Texans and promoting conservative values. Cathie Adams has worked with leaders like us, reminding our elected officials who elected them to ensure conservative accountability. Cathie's dedication and commitment to conservative issues and no-nonsense politics is a winning combination. Cathie is an American who cares, who has the knowledge, a friend of America, a true amiga. Gracias Cathie!

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