Sunday, June 13, 2010

VOCES Action on the stage with Gov. Rick Perry at the Texas Republican Convention

Daryl and Adryana Boyne from VOCES Action and their son Nathan were invited by Gov. Perry to be on stage during the Governor's speech to the Republican Convention of Texas. The Governor is a man with integrity and strong social and fiscal values and he will continue fighting for those in our state. Governor Perry gave a speech where he recognized all strong Texas with the values of fiscal and loyasl conservatism.
Here are the stand of the Governor on the issues:
Texas has consistently been ranked as one of the best places to do business in the nation under Gov. Perry’s leadership.
§ Aggressive Job Creation.
§ Record Property Tax Reductions.
§ Texas is Succeeding with a Strong Economy and Friendly Business Climate.

As the national and global economies struggle to recover from their financial woes, Texas is displaying strength that is built on conservative fiscal discipline.
§ Overcame Budget Shortfall.
§ Reducing Spending.

Folks in Washington should take a closer look at the Tenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which clearly states the preeminence of states’ rights in the structure of our country. The time has come to assert those rights, and remind the federal government that it was created to serve states, not the other way around. Left unchecked, Washington will continue digging our country into a hole of debt, increased government intrusion and the loss of personal liberty.
§ Out-of-control spending.
§ Cap and Trade.

We cannot have homeland security without border security. Under Gov. Perry, Texas has been a leader on border security while the federal government has faltered. Under his leadership, Texas has put more boots on the ground, more technology to use, and more targeted operations to dramatically reduce all crime along the border.
§ Surge Operations.
§ Transnational Gang Initiative.

Under Gov. Perry’s leadership, more students than ever before have enrolled and graduated from college. Texas has increased educational accountability and raised standards to help students succeed in college while increasing teacher pay.
§ Increased Enrollment.
§ College Prep Mandatory in High School.
§ High Ranking.
§ Teacher Pay Raises and Incentives.
§ Public-Private Venture.
§ Road to Tier One.
§ Affordable College.

Under Gov. Perry, Texas has reformed its child protective services, insured more of Texas’ needy children than ever before, and increased health care investments by more than $20 billion while promoting prevention and wellness programs to cut down on future health care costs. Gov. Perry has also led the most sweeping lawsuit reform in the nation, cracking down on junk asbestos claims and frivolous medical malpractice lawsuits. Now thousands more doctors, including specialists, are practicing in Texas, bringing greater access to quality health care for Texans.
§ Cracking Down on Frivolous Lawsuits.
§ Increased access in underserved areas.
§ Protecting Children.
§ Texas Protects its Most Vulnerable Citizens.
§ Tough on Fraud.

Under Gov. Perry, Texas is moving aggressively to create a diverse portfolio of energy sources, including renewable, natural gas, coal and nuclear power to meet the needs of our growing population in an eco-sensitive manner. Texas is a national leader in reducing emissions and known pollutants and advancing renewable energy sources. Texas has done so while balancing the need for environmental improvements with fostering economic growth, new investment and job creation.
§ Renewable Energy.
§ The Texas Emissions Reduction Plan.

Gov. Perry is the most pro-life governor Texas has ever had and has implemented a number of significant reforms to protect life and strengthen Texas families across our state.
§ Abortion
§ Banning Embryonic Stem Cell Research
§ Protecting Traditional Marriage
§ Promoting Adoption

Gov. Perry pioneered innovative infrastructure solutions for a rapidly growing state by promoting private investment. Transportation infrastructure is critical to the economy and quality of life of Texans. Under Gov. Perry, Texas has made dramatic strides to improve roads, railroads, airports, seaports and mass transit, ensuring Texans and the economy can keep moving forward.
§ Local Control
§ Ending Budget Diversions
§ Help For New Roads

Gov. Perry supports appropriate, just punishment as a strong deterrent to criminal behavior. Texas has strong laws that protect the innocent and ensure convicted murders serve their time.
§ Life without Parole Option
§ Jessica’s Law
§ Protecting People against Drunk Drivers

More than 90 percent of the land in Texas is privately owned and Gov. Perry is committed to protecting Texans’ rights as landowners. Gov. Perry worked to protect private property rights by responding quickly to the U.S. Supreme Court Kelo decision by prohibiting the use of eminent domain and the condemnation of private property for economic development purposes.Working with the legislature, Gov. Perry helped pass the strongest property rights protection in the state’s history through House Joint Resolution (HJR) 14. Gov. Perry campaigned for this measure, which voters enshrined in the Constitution by approving Proposition 11, so the legislature can’t weaken it without the people giving their permission at the ballot box. When voters added Proposition 11 to the Constitution this November, they forever prevented