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Latina Voices heard in Washington DC

Latina voices being heard in Washington
Published 08/27/2009 - 11:06 a.m. CST
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L to R: Dianne Costa, Adryana Boyne, RNC Chairman Michael Steele and Edna McDaniel meet in Washington to address conservative issues.
Three local women went to Washington D.C. to represent VOCES Action, a non-profit corporation representing conservative values among Latinos. Highland Village resident Adryana Boyne, National Director of VOCES Action, along with board members, Edna Cuellar McDaniel (Flower Mound) and Dianne Costa (Mayor of Highland Village), attended the Republican National Assembly annual convention. In an effort to include and empower the Latino voice, VOCES, (Spanish word for voices) a 501c3, and VOCES Action, a (501c4) sister organization, have been launched in the Highland Village area with an aim at communicating conservative values within and through the Latino and non-Latino communities, empowering them to get involved in protecting and promoting their conservative values in their homes, cities, states and country, as well as serving as a bridge between communities. Ms Boyne believes that the majority of American Hispanics hold to conservative values. “In spite of holding to these conservative values, their positions have been minimized, ignored and even distorted,” said Ms. Boyne. Ms. Boyne and Ms. Costa were invited as speakers, alongside other outstanding conservative Latinos like Leslie Sanchez, Dr. Henry Ramirez (first Hispanic official in the White House cabinet under former President Nixon), former Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez and former Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez.
Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steel congratulated the three women for the work they do among Latinos with the organization VOCES Action. Ms. McDaniel was invited to encourage the conservative vote among young people. Ms. Costa was invited to form part of a group to work towards a GOP solution for the immigration situation. Ms. Boyne was invited back to D.C. to become a national surrogate for the RNC to the Spanish Media. She has been a spokesperson for the Republican Party in Texas for the last three years. She was nominated and elected to be a surrogate at the national level. She is well known for her strong conservative stance and her ability to effectively communicate issues. The three women, along with VOCES Action President, Dr. Daryl Boyne advocate for conservative values such as pro-life, traditional marriage and individual freedoms, coupled with personal responsibility.
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We at VOCES ACTION were delighted to endorse Mr. Richard Rios for RNHA Chair and his slate. His website is

We are aware that elections are not held based on political slates and that each position is voted individually. The measure of success in an organization lays on its leadership ability to work as an effective team and its diversity to ensure that there is balance and representation from all.
Chair Richard Rios California Chair
1st Vice-chair Gloria Campos Mid-West Director, Illinois Past Chair
2nd Vice-chair Laura Drain Virginia
Treasurer Rafael Rivadeneira Illinois State Chair
Assistant Treasurer Frank Tijenera Colorado State Chair
Secretary Tibi Ellis Nevada ChairFor more information go to

"I am happy to endorse Mr. Richard Rios and welcome his strong initiative to unite resources and partner with other local and national Hispanic organizations. Alongside RIchard I am also happy in endorsing Laura Drain, a dedicated and dynamic worker. I have personally witnessed the involvement of Laura in promoting conservative values and the Republican Party at diferent events in different states. I extend this endorsement to Gloria Campos, Tibi Ellis and Rafael Rivadeneira. All of them are Republicans with integrity, responsability and accountability who are committed to work as a team in the mission of representing well conservative Hispanics "

Adryana Boyne
National Director of VOCES ACTION
GOP Spokesperson Spanish Media and Hispanic Affairs -
TexasAt-Large Delegate, Republican National Convention, 2008

"As the mother of 2 soldiers I can certainly attest that one of the critical areas for the future will be our military. Rios is someone who sought to serve early in his life, demonstrating his belief in having a strong military. Even though he was unable to serve due to medical reasons, he has still followed his "service" heart, as reflected in his many acts of volunteerism such as during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. I would encourage everyone to support Richard Rios due to his history of being a statesman rather than a politician - showing his selfless dedication to the greater good of everyone "

Dianne Costa
Mayor of Highland Village,TX
Board of Directors of VOCES ACTION

"Impressive! Richard Rios is a Leader with a vision and strategic plan that fleshes out a team approach, uniting Latinos and non-Latinos from coast-to-coast, with a common purpose/goal of moving the conservative platform forward, thus, preserving the integrity of our constitution, "We the people..." I endorse Richard Rios for National RNHA Chair. "

Edna Cuellar McDaniel
Board of Directors VOCES ACTION