Wednesday, September 2, 2009

VOCES Action in Houston in September 11th

I will be in Houston on September 11th alongside Manny Rosales Deputy Director of Coalitions for the Republican National Committee. This is an event sponsored by The Conservador Alliance and the LRNC. I will be one of the spekers and will speaking about the importance of the Latino vote and their values and the need that we have to educate them and empower them so they can vote their values. I will also speak about the need for the Non latino community to undertand the latinos. Please come!
Friday September 11th, 6:45 PM-9:00PM
Hotel Indigo:DaVinci Room
5160 Hidalgo Street
Houston,TX 77056

This is NOT a Dinner but light refreshments will be provided and Donations will be taken for VOCES Action. Please No Children.
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