Saturday, September 12, 2009

I had a wonderful time in Houston at the event where I was invited to sepak at the Latino National Republican Coallition on Sept 11th alongside with Manny Rosales Deputy Director of the RNC . We spoke about Growing the GOP and Artemio Muniz anoundced his merge of the Conservador Alliance with the LNRC as he has become the Texas State Chapter Chairman under the leadership of national LNRC Chairman Richard Rios.
This was the first meeting of the Texas LRNC and we had the honor of the presence of Texas Republican Party vice chair who Dr.. Robin Amtrong who also spoke and gave the blessing for this Texas group which will be working supporting the Texas Republican Plattform.

I represented VOCES Action and spoke about th eimportance of sharing our values with the latinos. I look forward to return to Houston soon. I will keep in touch!