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Margaret Thatcher: An Inspiration to Many, but only One of a Kind

In May of 1979 in my birth country of Mexico, as a young articulated teenager, nearing the end of the 9th grade and interested in learning how to debate, my teacher told me: “Adryana, a woman just became the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, named Margaret Thatcher. You could learn from much about debating skills” I remember going home, not being able to wait to sit in front of our Color Sony Trinitron TV and watch Televisa “24 Horas with Jacobo Zabludovsky”. I still remember listening to Zabludovsky giving the news again, and I saw, for the first time, the face of that woman which my teacher had talked about. Sometimes I still close my eyes and have that clear picture in my mind of what many of us now see in videos and photos: Margaret Thatcher wearing her blue suit, surrounded with people and microphones and cameras and questions. I remember the people yelling around her, and her bold attitude as she spoke. I was absolutely enchanted. My English was not very good in those years, but due to my English teacher being British, the little English that I did know was British.

I was not able to grasp some of her words, but others I clearly understood. Thatcher recited a poem, which I knew by memory, attributed to St. Francis of Assisi: "Where there is discord, may we bring harmony. Where there is error, may we bring truth? Where there is doubt, may we bring faith? And where there is despair, may we bring hope." That was enough for me to realize this woman was certainly someone I should learn from. I told my father I wanted to be like Margaret Thatcher.

 I appreciate having a father who, besides coaching me in the art of public speaking, always instructed me with history and lessons on values. At the time, the United Kingdom was in a horrible state, as my father explained to me. I was blessed in having the opportunity to grow up with a father who diligently taught me what was wrong in world events, such as the Castro regime in Cuba, the Communist regime in Eastern Germany, specifically the Berlin Wall, and the situation in the UK. The fact that it was the first time for a woman to become Prime Minister of the UK was a remarkable success. Not only that, but she was a woman with conservative principles. Regardless of whether you agree or not with her positions on issues, the current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron, himself recently made the statement that, “she took a country "that was on its knees" and making it "stand tall again". Because Margaret Thatcher fought her way to a seat in Parliament, to the leadership of her party and then to lead of her country and she won the backing of the British people three times in a row." "She will be remembered for the great political battles she fought. Taking on the union barrons, privatising industry, unleashing enterprise, rescuing their UK economy, letting people buy their council homes, winning the Falklands war, strengthening their defences and helping to win the Cold War.” What a woman Margaret Thatcher was! Please watch and listen to the following video of a description of what happened back then in the UK. Listen to Lady Thatcher debating regarding Trade Union Power.

My admiration and stronghold on conservatism started right there with Prime Minister Thatcher. Her actions encouraged me, a 9th grade young Mexican woman. Back then , I was not as interested with Mexican politics, American politics or UK politics, but Margaret Thatcher planted a seed of hope in my heart to become someone who could speak for her values, even in spite of opposition. Never did I imagine that little more than a decade later, I would be living in the United States of America, married to my husband, Daryl, and mother of a child, and becoming a close friend and prayer partner with the woman who was, at the time, the daughter-in-law of Margaret Thatcher. Diane Thatcher (now Diane Beckett) was then married to Mark Thatcher. Diane had a son, Michael, and a daughter, Amanda, who was few months younger than my son Nathan.

 They all became dear to the Boyne family and ministered to us in many ways. I cannot describe all of our experiences together, but this personal friendship and love that we have cherished for over 20 years with Diane and the Thatcher children- who are the only two grandchildren of Margaret Thatcher- is something that the Boyne family has always treasured. The recent death of Margaret Thatcher has deeply touched me and my family. My relationship with the Thatcher family was with her American family: Diane, and the children. I have expressed my sincere condolences and prayers to all of them, for I know how dear Lady Thatcher was to them. Yes, I did meet Mark Thatcher years ago and talked to him in person as well as over the phone. He was always kind with me, he had an extraordinary mother and father, and he also has two extraordinary children who were raised by an extraordinary mother. During the many years that my husband and I have served in Christian ministry, we spent a decade in the foreign mission field, partly in Costa Rica and mainly in Mexico. Every year during the Summer, we would return to the U.S. and spend most of that time in the house of the Thatcher’s in Highland Park. In the house library, upon the fireplace mantle, was a beautiful picture of Margaret Thatcher. For us, the faces of Lady Thatcher and her husband Dennis were ever familiar to us. Unlike most young people their age or younger, our sons Nathan and Samuel grew up knowing perfectly well who Margaret Thatcher was and what she had done for the UK and for America as a warrior for freedom and conservative values, always appreciating and admiring her.

I am the proud owner of many books authored by Lady Thatcher, with even a couple of them dedicated to me personally by her: “The Downing Street Years” and “The Path to Power.” I also proudly own two personally dedicated photos of Margaret Thatcher. I am sharing one of them in this article. In those books, Lady Thatcher speaks candidly about the formation of her character and values, and the experiences which propelled her to the very top in a world ruled by men. The personal photos I have with the members of the Thatcher family are something that I am not ready to release at this moment.. Margaret Thatcher was nicknamed the Iron lady by former Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev.

The Iron Lady: A hard nickname to bear, but, as the Bible says in Proverbs 27:17, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” That is exactly how Margaret Thatcher’s actions shaped me. Young people need people to inspire them and sharpen them, as Margaret Thatcher did to me Just weeks ago, before I flew to London to attend the Leadership Institute at the Wellington College, I tried to arrange a private brief visit with Lady Thatcher. Of course I was fully aware of her fragile health in recent years, and I regularly prayed for her health. But we still had the hope to go and greet her, hold her hand and let her know how much we appreciate her great contributions to her country and to the Western world, as well as the inspiration she was for me and my family. Sadly, due to her fragile health, such a visit was not possible. If the circumstances had been different, we may have been able to visit with her before her departure with the Lord. My son and I took our city trip through London, hopping from place to place. We passed by 10 Downing Street, the place where, although not Margaret Thatcher’s home since her resignation in 1989, I chose to pray for her and for her family.

I must share that, a few years ago, a well-known pastor told me, “Adryana you are the Hispanic version of Margaret Thatcher,” to which I responded, “ Thank you very much, but no, I do not deserve such a great honor to be compared with such a great woman. I still have a lot to learn in my life. I still have to learn from her strength and her fearlessness to opposition. She faced without fear those who frowned upon her for being a woman and for her conservative principles. I have learned from her that being part of a minority group is no reason to prevent me from fighting for my principles. It does not matter that I disagree with others, for I can express my differences.

No one can or should compare him or herself with Margaret Thatcher. Not even her own grandchildren use her name with arrogance and pride. Michael and Amanda Thatcher are special because who they are as individuals. They have been successful in their studies, sports and personal goals. Amanda Margaret Thatcher, a college girl, is an extraordinary woman of faith with a melodious voice and a kind heart (and as my son Samuel says, she bakes good chocolate lava cakes). Michael Thatcher has always been so discreet, and prudent about his relationship with Lady Thatcher. I even saw this during the time while he was a member of my Board of Directors. The Thatcher grandchildren have demonstrated their own successes as young people on their own for whom they are, not because their last name and personal relationship with one of the most the most extraordinary woman in this century. Not only those grandchildren have not used her name to try to exalt themselves, but all the opposite they have always been humble and kind. Those grandchildren, just like many of us, have learned from Margaret Thatcher by inspiration, by example of her principles. We all know that there is not is not a British version of her, not an American version of her, not a Mexican version of her, not a Chinese version of her of any other version of her since each one of us are very unique in our own. As individuals, we all have our own set of successes and failures but regarding Margaret Thatcher : There is only one and she is matchless. May all we learn that inspiration and sharpening is a good and valuable legacy.

Adryana Boyne is a National Director of VOCES Action, a Director of Development of VOTO Honesto and a Political Consultant. You can follow her at @AdryanaBoyne

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Remembering a Great American and a Great Republican: Joe Peña

Remembering a Great American and a Great Republican: Joe Peña
By Adryana Boyne
Recently, Texas lost a great Hispanic Republican: Jose Peña. Joe Peña Sr. was born on Nov. 25, 1930 in Gary, Indiana and passed away Dec 25, 2011 at his home in Carrollton, TX. He is survived by his wife Gloria Peña, his son Joey Peña Jr., his daughter-in-law Linda Peña, and his granddaughters Gabby and Ciara Peña.

Joe was born in Indiana and his parents were from Spain; he was was a proud Hispanic-American. He served our Country and was a veteran of the Korean War and was important in the life of any Hispanic Republicans in the State of Texas. He was a believer in Christ and a man with integrity and leadership. Many lives were touched by Joe Peña and many have stories about him. Many of us carry a million dollar bill with the face of Joe as a reminder to “Vote Smart, Vote Republican.”

Joe was a kind man with a friendly handshake, a welcoming smile and a passion for finding precinct chairmen in non-traditional (i.e. non-Republican) precincts. Joe was crucial for the Republican Party of Texas and, alongside President George H. Bush, he was one of the main people starting the Republican National Hispanic Assembly. In 2009, Joe also became a founding member of the Latino National Republican Coalition of Texas and was a frequent guest at many Republican events. Many Hispanics were touched by the life of Joe Peña. Even a few days before he passed away, he was at the Dallas Republican Lunch encouraging people for the 2012 elections.

I would like to share with you several videos and links about Joe.

Here is an interview that Silvio Canto did with Joe’s son Joey and me regarding the life of Joe.

Memorial Service at the National Cemetery of Dallas-Fort Worth:

Justice David Medina and Jason Villalba speak during Memorial Service:
Justice Medina interview about the influence of Joe Peña in his life:

Mayor Dianne Costa interview about Joe Pena:

Dr. Daryl Boyne reminds us Joe Peña is in a better place now:

Here is the Memorial Page that Sylvia Guzman Acuff made for Joe's family:

Friday, December 16, 2011

VOCES Action joins True the Vote to Oppose AG Holder's Attack on Election Reforms

Where voter registration fraud prevails, voter fraud likely prevails. Without the Texas ID bill, voter registration is the primary defense against fraud.
VOCES Action stands strongly in educating Hispanics on the conservative issues, and I know, as a matter of fact, that Hispanics understand that to have transparency and integrity in elections, a photo voter ID is necessary. On December 13th, I was invited to speak at a rally sponsored by True the Vote, headed by Catherine Engelbrecht, a wonderful patriot. True The Vote, is an initiative developed by citizens for citizens, meant to inspire and equip volunteers for involvement at every stage of our electoral process. The organization promotes ideas that actively protect the rights of legitimate voters, regardless of their political party affiliation. I encourage each one of you to go to their website and to get involved:

During the last Texas legislative session, both chambers were tasked by Gov. Rick Perry to make voter ID legislation a priority. The legislation passed, and the bill would require Texans to show a valid photo ID - such as a driver's license or state-issued ID card, a military ID or a passport - to vote.

Attorney General Eric Holder came to Austin on the 13th to speak at the LBJ Library to denounce the Texas voter ID laws and claimed that simple voter ID laws were somehow discriminatory. Holder ominously claimed that he would use the power of his office to “enforce civil rights protections” during the upcoming 2012 elections. This is abuse of power. I have followed this bill very closely since two sessions ago, and this session, I was very glad it passed to the help of all our Republicans legislators. I felt very pleased that Rep. Jose Aliseda (R-Beeville) who, like myself is a naturalized U.S. citizen born in Mexico, defended the bill strongly.

Here is the video and transcript of my speech. As I frequently do, at the end of my speech, I spoke for two minutes in Spanish for the Spanish-speaking media.

Good afternoon. I am here standing as a proud American. And also as a Hispanic American. I know that most Hispanics are hard working people, people of honesty and integrity and we are glad to be in the United States, a country that offers freedoms and opportunities not found in other countries. However, the freedoms we enjoy are fragile. They can be lost if we do not take a stand to defend them. Our freedoms depend on the integrity of our government and the integrity of our government rests on the integrity of our elections. Where there is voter fraud, this integrity is lost and all Americans suffer from this assault on our foundational freedoms. Let me be clear: Voter fraud is not a partisan issue; it is not a Republican versus Democrat issue. Voter fraud is not an issue about ethnicity or race, it's not a Hispanic, White or Black issue, It's not about social status! Whoever commits voter fraud is a criminal, whether a Democrat or Republican, white, black, Hispanic, rich or poor, and should be punished for their attack on this foundational freedom.

Some deny the reality of voter fraud, calling it a scare tactic. However, it is a fact and it should scare all Americans. In the last election, voter registration fraud happened on a large scale. In Pinellas County Florida, 803 people registered to vote whose address was the county jail or court house. In Wisconsin, 30,000 voter registrations were questioned after it was discovered felons were used as registration workers. In Pennsylvania 57,000 registrations were found to have falsification of information. And this is certainly happening in Texas. Dallas county had to stop using voter registration cards as a basis for calling jurors because the list of names on the voter registration lists contained too many people who were not US citizens. However, The full extent of voter registration fraud cannot be known - it is takes too much effort to investigate.

Where voter registration fraud prevails, voter fraud likely prevails. Without the Texas ID bill, voter registration is the primary defense against fraud. And it still is not a perfect defense. Unfortunately, is it very easy to get false voter registration cards. All you have to do is write down a bogus name and you get a registration card in the mail.

The Texas voter ID bill has one purpose: to limit voter fraud. It requires each person to show his or her identification with a photo and to match the name on the voter registration list. It is a simple and logical step to reduce voter fraud. So why has Attorney General Eric Holder come to Texas and voiced his opposition to this bill? He says that it discriminates against some voters. This is nonsense! It is the responsibility of the attorney general to uphold election laws that reduce fraud and corruption and voter ID is not an unreasonable burden on legal voters.

In Mexico, there are a lot more poor people than in the US and yet they require every voter to have a voter identification card. Mexico did this to combat the high degree of voter fraud that marked its elections in the past. And guess what? The voter identification card has greatly reduced voter fraud in Mexico. If Mexico can implement voter ID, I think the United States certainly can implement voter ID as well. If you do not have photo ID with you right now please raise your hand. If you would like one you can get one for free at the Department of Public safety.

This is not an unreasonable burden on legal voters. When honesty takes a second place in our hearts, we pull down everything good and noble that once surrounded us. We are trying to find out who is illegally engaging in voter fraud, no matter what color or ethnicity. It applies to ALL people, not just blacks and Latinos. We all have to show ID when we cash checks, drive a car, collect food stamps or get on an airplane. So why cannot we do the same for our elections, the foundational freedom of our country. Voter ID is a common sense, nonpartisan solution to a real problem. So why does Attorney General Eric Holder oppose it? Is he trying to divert attention from the failures of his administration of the Department of Justice? Is he trying to remove the heat from the "Fast and Furious" scandal? Is he trying to campaign for President Obama? All these are an abuse of the public office to which he was elected. The Attorney General has the job to defend justice, not oppose it. If he cares about the integrity of our elections, he would support the Texas voter ID bill.

Now for those in the Spanish speaking community and media let me say:

Estimados ciudadanos de habla hispana. La comunidad de los Estados Unidos siempre habla de la honestidad y de la integridad como valores importante para su gente. Sin embargo a el Procurador General o Secretario de Justicia de los Estados Unidos Eric Holder eso le tiene sin cuidado. Será acaso para desviar la atención de sus malos manejos en situaciones como la de "Rápido y furioso"? Será que está haciendo campaña para el Presiente Obama? Ahora quiere intervenir en anular una legislación que es apropiada y buena para nuestro estado?

Por favor seamos honestos, ¿ quién de ustedes no tiene una identificación con foto? ¿Quién? Si usted no tiene una identificación con foto vaya al Departamento de Seguridad Publica y ahí le dan una sin costo alguno.

Quizá usted use la credencial para obtener una prescripción en la farmacia, para rentar una película, para obtener estampillas para alimentos, para comprar un arma, para viajar. ¿Porqué para votar no? ¿Porqué no?

El señor fiscal general está tratando de intimidar a las personas de las minorías con un mensaje mal fundado. El señor está haciendo uso de su posición de poder para hacer campaña para un presidente que no sabe cumplir sus promesas y que ha llevado a este país a la peor y más miserable situación económica que ha habido en muchísimo tiempo.

El fraude electoral no es algo agradable para nadie. Yo les animo a cuidadosamente a reflexionar en cuál es la razón que el fiscal general Eric Holder querría venir este aquí a Texas a criticar una legislación que fue aprobada en la casa de representes para que se ejerza el voto justo y tranparente.

And I will finish this speech by saying that I took an oath and this is my country and , THIS is my flag God bless America!

Click here to view the full 45 minute video of the rally.

Rep. Jose Aliseda had defended the bill on the floor and here are some excerpts from his speech during the last session:

"According to 2008 statistics, in one county, Goliad County, they had more people registered to vote than persons eligible to vote. Under current law, the opportunity for fraud is there."

"In 2008, a high water mark for voter registration, Texas had an overall registration rate of 76 percent of eligible voters. "

"In McMullen County, in 2008, had a voter registration of 97.9 percent, 21.4 percent above the state average. The opportunity for fraud is probably there."

"In Jim Wells County, , in 2008, had an eligible voter registration of 90.44 percent or 14 percent above the state average. The opportunity for fraud is probably there."

"In 2004, in Bee County, we had a woman cast a ballot as if she were her deceased mother."

"In 2007, the Texas State Auditor’s Office found that Texas had 49,049 registered voters who may have been ineligible to vote. Of those, there were 23,500 voters on the rolls who may have been deceased. Would Voter ID possibly have stopped them if they had tried to vote? I think so.
There were 2,359 voters identified as having duplicate records. I believe Voter ID would have helped there also."

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

VOCES Action Welcomes Israel Ortega from Heritage Libertad in North Texas

By Adryana Boyne
Recently VOCES Action had the opportunity to organize an event to welcome Israel Ortega of Heritage Libertad, the Spanish website from Heritage Foundation that covers conservative issues in Spanish.

VOCES Action strongly supports the work that Heritage Libertad is doing in providing Spanish news, opinions, reports and analysis from the Heritage Foundation’s conservative viewpoint. This is a resource that all people interested in outreaching and engaging Latinos with these values should know about.

The meeting was at Maximo's Cocina Mexicana where we enjoyed delicious food, fellowship and listening to our special speaker Israel Ortega, who shared with us about the purpose of Heritage Libertad.

I am impressed with the excellent job that Israel Ortega is doing with Heritage Libertad in helping the Hispanic community in the USA and beyond, and I feel blessed that he joins me as one of very few conservative Latinos appearing in the Spanish media on TV, radio and press.

Israel spoke first in Spanish and then in English. He began by saying, "Five words that people do not want to hear: 'I am from Washington, DC and I come to help you.'"

Israel explained about the downturn of the economy (13% unemployment) and the presence of the 50.5 million Hispanics – legal and illegal – currently residing in the US. He pointed out that Hispanics have differences among themselves; some want big government and some want small government with more personal responsibility. However, most Spanish speaking Latinos don't have enough information to make educated decisions. The Spanish media is mainly liberal and Latinos have let friends and family dictate their view on politics. When the left communicates more with the Hispanics, it's important that conservatives communicate their side to the Hispanic community. This is one of the reasons for the need to communicate conservative points of view in Spanish. gives Spanish-speaking Americans access to the top-flight research and informed, conservative commentary that has helped Heritage build a center-right majority in the nation as a whole. We need to preserve the American Dream, Israel reminded us.

With 13% unemployment and 50% of Latino high school kids not receiving their high school diplomas, how do we think that these Hispanics can survive in this economy and be the future doctors, lawyers, etc. of our country? This issue therefore becomes a national issue. Democrats will not benefit the Latino people. Getting stuff from the government does not help people. Israel mentioned an example from his own family who came from Mexico as immigrants and worked hard. This is an exceptional country. This country has more virtues than just money.

There was a time for questions and answers. Daryl Boyne mentioned that according to some studies, approximately 80% of Spanish speaking Hispanics are pro-life while only around 50% of English speaking Hispanics are pro-life; young Hispanics are becoming liberal, and Israel encouraged Hispanic parents to instruct their children about their conservative values. Israel also talked about reasons why young Hispanics are leaning to the Left. He also mentioned that his organization passes out US Constitutions in Spanish as well for those who speak Spanish as a first language.

Silvio Canto gave closing remarks to the meeting and reminding the attendees that Israel is a frequent guest on his show that he transmits on his blog talk radio show.

I consider Israel my colleague in using Spanish media to inform the Spanish speaking community. I deeply admire and congratulate him and Heritage Libertad for their great work.

We encourage our readers to visit and share the page of with those people who need to learn about our great country in the Spanish language and get informed about how the events in Washington affects our lives.

Alongside with VOCES Action the event was co-hosted with the Latino National Republican Coalition of North Texas and Silvia Canto from My View Talk Show.

Among the present were:

Israel Ortega, Daryl and Adryana Boyne , Rafael Cruz (father of Candidate for US Senate Ted Cruz), Jose Luis Reyes, Matt Garcia (from the office of US Congressman Pete Sessions), Ruth Armfield, John Stautner, Joe Peña, Micah R. Hobart, Silvio Canto Jr., Joseph A. y Elida Munoz, Sylvia & Carlos Perez, Jimmy and Denise Richardson, Nelly Carr, Mike Verdiguel, Lidia de la Cruz-Trujillo, Fabian Moro, Nestor Velazco, and Gustavo Bujanda from Telemundo. Four people born in Cuba, eight were born in Mexico, one was born in Spain, one was born in Colombia, three were born in Argentina, one was born in Puerto Rico, one was born in Germany, an six were born in the USA. All of us are American Citizens who love America.

All the people in attendance were very impressed with the work of Heritage Libertad and plan to use this website as a great resource for information among Spanish speaking people.

Adryana Boyne is the National Director of Voces Action. VOCES Action has been working in educating and empower the Latino community with Conservative moral and fiscal values in several states among our nation through TV, radio, press, conferences, debates and interviews. VOCES Action believes in free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense.

Elida Munoz leading pledge to the flag

Group of people at the event

Israel Ortega speaking

Israel Ortega and Silvio Canto

Daryl Boyne

Israel Ortega, Rafael Cruz, Adryana Boyne and Matt Garcia

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Interview with Rep. Aaron Peña of the Hispanic Republican Conference (VIDEO)

By Adryana Boyne- National Director of VOCES ACTION

The following interview with Texas State Representative Aaron Peña is one of a series of interviews conducted by VOCES Action and TexasGOPVote with members of the Hispanic Republican Conference in the 82nd session of the Texas Legislature. The Hispanic Republican Conference was originally created by State Rep. Aaron Peña, a member of the Texas House of Representatives from House District 40, located in Hidalgo. Peña served four terms as a Democrat before switching to the GOP on December 14, 2010. The topics we discussed included Rep. Peña's conservative values, why he left the Democrat party, the Obama administration's failure to take action on border security and immigration issues and the reasons he formed the Hispanic Republican Conference. Video and a transcript of the interview are included.
The membership of the Hispanic Republican Conference has been growing. Originally it was formed by the House’s five Hispanic Republicans but has since been joined by other State Representatives whose districts have at least 30% Hispanic constituents. The Hispanic Republican Conference will be addressing some issues that have been controversial in parts of the state with large Hispanic populations.

Hispanics make up 36% of the Texas population and this percentage is growing. Hispanics share Republican conservative values fiscal responsibility, faith, hard work, family values and pro-life. VOCES Action has been educating and empowering Americans with Hispanic backgrounds and who have these values to make more responsible and informed voting decisions. During my visit to the Texas capitol, I also had the opportunity to see Rep. Barbara Nash of District 93 and Rep. Lyle Larson of District 122 who each have at least 30% Hispanic population in their districts. I asked them if they were planning to join the Hispanic Republican Conference and you will see in the video what happened!


Adryana Boyne: Most democrats believe that hispanics should vote democrat. We certainly have seen something very special with you because you were a democrat... you were a democrat state representative, and you decided not long ago to switch parties. Can you tell us why you did that and what do you think about democrats saying that hispanics should vote democrat.

Rep. Aaron Peña: Well you know Ronald Reagan said a long time ago that he thought that most hispanics were republicans and that they just didn't know it. I have a brother who is a republican who told me a long time ago, "you're a republican and you just don't know it." Well it took me eight years to figure it out. I watched the process, I watched the votes, I watched the way democrats operated and I watched the way republicans operated... I got a sense of the values of their party and of our party, and it's not even close. The way I was raised as someone from South Texas, the values of a conservative, catholic, family oriented, rural communities is very much in complement with the republican party. Very little in the democrat party, except for some history going back, is in common with the modern hispanic population. And by that I mean there was a time when catholics were not seen as being part of the mainstream. It may be hard for some people to remember that time, but catholics, remember with John F. Kennedy, ran, they thought, well, John F. Kennedy is a catholic, maybe he'll be beholden to the pope; well, as a catholic and as someone who comes from a traditional minority community, we identified with what John F. Kennedy said. John F. Kennedy, for most people who may not have been alive, was very pro-military, which hispanics are, and he was more conservative than the modern democratic party. So, my ancestors may have identified with him because of struggles we were going through in this country, but after that, it was downhill. The democratic party has gone to the left, and further to the left, and further to the left... and he party of today, John F. Kennedy would probably be considered too conservative to be a part of the party.

And so, it was very easy when I started receiving criticism from people because of my pro-life votes, because of my support for the second ammendment, because of my, of the the economic conservatism that's necessary to run a balanced budget, it was really easy after being pushed out by the democrats. Actually they ran a series of candidates against me because I took what was to them a very independent stance on issues... but quite frankly they're issues and stances that my community agrees with. And so I made a decision, I got tired of being the constant target by the far left that controls the democratic party and I was actually overwhelmingly embraced by the republican leadership and by the republican grass roots, and I'm very happy and comfortable, I've never second guessed my decision.

Adryana Boyne: Well actually I want to tell you that was a courageous step and we are very grateful and very proud to have you now in our ranks. Now, as a hispanic myself and through my work with Voces Action, which is "Voices Offering Conservative Empowering Solutions," I spend my time educating and empowering the latino community with conservative moral and fiscal values, and because of that, I know that hispanics are conservative and you have observed that among other hispanics. Can you tell me if you have seen response, after your step of switching parties, of other hispanics who have come to you and said "what can I do" or if they say "oh you got converted, should I be too" or what is the result of that...?

Rep. Aaron Peña: It's actually, I started noticing it when I would go back home and would stop at the HEB to pick up a bottle of milk or some bread for the family... now people would stop me who I didn't know and say [whispering] "hey, I'm really a republican" and I would respond "why are we whispering?" And you see it, it's a stigma, the idea that all hispanics... it's actually a very discriminatory idea... all hispanics have to think the same: the way the leadership of the far left decides you have to think. It's not true! The values that we have from our parents and our grandparents are very conservative values: respect your elders, respect authority, support your government, support your military, defend your family, the right to bear arms... in South Texas, everyone hunts... everyone grows up in a culture respecting guns and your right to have that. The belief in life... You know I went to a church when we had nuns that wore habits. Even the idea that I would even think about anything other than respecting the value of life is COMPLETELY contrary to the hispanic experience. No, the republican party is the place to be, I'm just sad that it took me eight years to figure that out.

Adryana Boyne: Well and I think it also shows humility on your part and it shows the community that people can be part of the wrong party for a long time and that they can take the courageous step and you did, certainly you did...

Rep. Aaron Peña: It's actually very exciting... because down where I live we've been dominated by one party, we never elected a republican []... in the history of my county. The [democrat] party has gotten old, is intolerant of change, and is very hostile to anybody who tries to think differently, who doesn't just follow... and there have been many... the political system which relies on bending the rules and getting people out to vote, abusing the elderly and manipulating their vote, is offensive, and it elects corrupt officials. Many of the officials, not all (because there are some very good ones), many of the officials in my area have been indicted and have gone to jail. That's because a system has grown that encourages that sort of leader. We have an opportunity to change our communities. I was very unhappy with the Obama Administration's response to what's happening in Mexico. You know, we have a few people harmed in other countries, far across the globe, and we will immediately jump in and try to save them. Yet we have, literally within seven miles of my home, beheadings, killings, the killings of families, the killings of migrants, and it occurs right there, and we will beg... the left and the right in my community begs the Obama administration, the federal government, to come down and save us, protect us from ourselves, or at least, let us protect, let Texans protect Texans... and we, we get very little support from the federal government.

Adryana Boyne: Well, actually that leads me to my next question. I know that you are actually an author of the House Concurrent Resolution 88 or H.C.R. 88. Can you briefly explain this resolution and what you would like to accomplish with it.

Rep. Aaron Peña: You know, we all love the democratic system that we have in this country. We have a state system and we have a federal system. Unfortunately it's dysfunctional right now because the state is trying to do everything it can to make up for the lack of action from the federal government. So the resolution that you have identified asks the federal government to get involved to... you know, we pay taxes to you, and unfortunately we're going to have to spend money in Texas, to do your job! Get off your backsides and work to protect our citizens. We have people dying, not just on that side, on the Mexican side, but on our side. But we have other problems too, and the federal government is pulling away and we are having to pick up the slack. We are not, we don't have the ability just to tax our citizens to death or to print money the way Washington has, so we want the federal government to do their job, and that's what the resolution calls for... for Washington to wake up and do their job. The whole debate over immigration should have been resolved by now. Democrats have had control. They have the presidency, they had the congress, why didn't they do something? These are things that have to be addressed. These are tough issues, I know because we're dealing with them here, because they're not doing it. But they were elected to do their job. They need to do it, and so as a Texan, you know, I want our federal government to do what we citizens here in Texas want them to do.

Adryana Boyne: And actually I am also aware that you took the leadership as soon as you became a republican and you started what is called the hispanic republican conference back in January, and can you tell me exactly what motivated you to form this conference?

Rep. Aaron Peña: Well, conservative hispanics have not had a voice, an organized voice. When I was a conservative democrat I tried to join with other conservative democrats, but we were quickly shut down... and the liberal point of view, the furthest to the left point of view, was always the way that you heard things. So when you think of hispanic, many politicians think, oh it's the furthest to the left "bomb thrower." It's not true!

Many of us are conservative, and we have been, but our voices have never been heard. And many times there are issues that occur where all they do is accuse the republicans of racism. It's a very cheap and easy charge to make! But, we will come up and we'll say NO, in this area, this response is a good response. We're hispanic people who love this state, we love our culture, and yet... it's not ALL about racism. It's not all about that they're devils with horns. They're actually trying to address the issue as their constituents want them to. They're a perspective that is respected, as a liberal perspective wants to be respected, but we don't have to rise to the level of name calling. And so, we stand in the gap, and we respond to issues that we think are unfair from the left... but also from the right, there are occasions when some republicans will speak out in a tone that is disrespectful or not productive towards the world as we see it, those of us who have been raised hispanic, and we speak up. So, if there are bills that we find offensive or statements that are made that are offensive from the left, we speak up. But if there are things that happen from the far right that we think are not productive we do our best to speak to them and to educate them on the issue, but if it comes down to it and we have to assert our muscle, because we have muscle, together, we stop it. And you will note, that I think we've done a good job.

Adryana Boyne: I think you have and I think the negative rhetoric must stop, and people need to see that the republican party is the party for hispanics. One of the things that we found out yesterday through your wonderful staff is the facts (a little bit more) about the hispanic republican conference, that for the state representatives to be members, to be voting members, they have to have at least 40% of the population hispanic and if they want to be non-voting members, like associate members, they have to have above 30% of the population. And certainly yesterday, when I was coming to prepare for the interview of several of your members, I saw, just walking in the halls, two representatives, one of them is representative Barbara Nash and the other is Representative Lyle Larson. And I told them what I was doing and about the hispanic republican conference and to my joy, both of them say that they want to join you and actually they do qualify to be your associate members, so we got two new people...

Rep. Aaron Peña: And right before you walked in I signed the letter accepting them into the conference.

Adryana Boyne: Oh, how wonderful! I didn't think this would happen to me just by coming here, so I am glad that I participated in that way even if I cannot be a member (since I am not a state representative)...

Rep. Aaron Peña: Simply educate people on our perspective. It's different. We are conservatives but we have a slightly different life experience, and we want to share that with people, and we think that the more people learn about each other, the more healthy the process is. We've been doing a good job and we're very proud of the work we've done.

Adryana Boyne: Well, I am also proud of you and I want to thank you not only for serving your district but for serving the people of Texas. Thank you very much, muchas gracias Mr. Peña.
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Hispanics Americans strongly oppose abortion, I hope Hispanic Democrats understand imperative to return to our family values

By Adryana Boyne
Thirty-eight years ago the Supreme Court made a terrible decision that imposed abortion-on-demand in America. Abortion affects ALL Americans and certainly affects the Hispanic community in America.

According to a recent poll, the majority of American Hispanics oppose abortion. The poll done by Univision and Associated Press shows that 39% of Hispanics say abortion should be mostly legal, while polls of the general population indicate that approximately 46-54% of Americans think abortion should be legal. The survey also shows that English-speaking Hispanics are less likely to oppose legalized abortion than their Spanish-speaking counterparts.

What does this mean? There are different groups of Hispanics: Those who are recent immigrants, the children of immigrants who are usually bilingual, and those who have been in the United States for a longer time. The vast majority of this last group speaks only English. Latin Americans come from countries where abortion goes against their faith, their values, their culture, their morals and their laws. However, in the process of being “Americanized,” they are adapting the Democrat philosophy that a woman’s choice is more important than life of an unborn child. Besides my work as a commentator and consultant on Hispanic issues, I have been serving the conservative cause in communicating the importance of our pro-life values in the Spanish media. As National Director of VOCES Action, I have been able to influence this large segment of the population to maintain and support this foundational American value. Spanish speaking parents need to influence their children who may not speak Spanish. Hispanics need to be steered away from the anti-Christian social agenda of liberal Democrats who dominate Spanish media and Spanish community groups. By communicating our conservative voice (Voces in Spanish), we can help curb the liberal agenda that has led our country astray from its moral foundation. I am excited about the possibilities of restricting abortion and saving lives this year. The abortion rate in Texas has fallen at a higher rate than the nation's. I am grateful for all the pro-life organizations and citizens that help those organizations by praying, giving and participating with them. In the current legislative session for the House of Representative in Texas, pro-life legislators support the passage of the Sonogram Bill, giving women considering abortion the right to see the sonogram image of her unborn child and to hear the heartbeat. Our Texas Governor Rick Perry recently said that he would fast-track a bill requiring a woman seeking an abortion to first be shown a sonogram.

I was invited by Univision Television, which has opened their doors for some conservatives to speak, to debate on Gustavo Monsante's program Voz y Voto, the number one Spanish political show in Texas. This show has been working to maintain a balanced view on controversial issues. I was invited to participate in a debate against a Democrat State Representative on the sonogram bill. Rep. Jessica Farrar declined to debate this time (I guess she remembered last year when I put her in a difficult situation before the Hispanic community, exposing her liberal position). New State representative from El Paso Naomi Gonzalez was invited, but ten minutes before we went on the air she called to say she was not coming. I have the two segments in the program. I explained why life begins at conception, what viability is, the fact that the woman has other options instead of abortion and the importance that a woman should be trusted with the information of a sonogram before she makes a decision to terminate the life of her unborn baby or babies. Presently, abortion providers can legally deny women this information. Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers oppose the Sonogram bill.

State Senator Dan Patrick (SB16) and State Representatives Geannie Morrison (HB 201), Kelly Hancock (HB 580) and Todd Smith (HB 325) have introduced pro-life sonogram bills. Senate Bill 16 and House Bill 201 require the abortion provider to perform a sonogram and make the image and heartbeat available to women. All the bills would require the sonogram to be displayed, but in each one the woman is not forced to watch. All of the bills would require that the development of the baby be explained orally (with no opt out provision) and the Doppler of the heartbeat made audible for her as well. HB 201 requires this be done in a separate visit 24 hours before, and HB 325 will likely be amended to reflect the same, but currently requires it be done within an hour before the abortion in one visit. HB 201 also requires the doctor or his agent to actually hand the Women’s Right to Know booklet produced by the state in her hand, which differs from current law requiring the abortion provider to make the booklet available.

When I debated Rep. Jessica Farrar last year on the Sonogram Bill, she argued that performing a sonogram could be “harmful”. I asked harmful tor whom? Harmful to the baby!- she said. I responded: Really? More harmful than “killing the baby”.- I find her response interesting, so, the “fetus” is called a baby by some pro abortion advocates, when a doctor will perform a sonogram but is called a fetus when a person would like to get rid of him/her?

I also confronted Rep. Roberto Alonzo in a past debate in a Summit in Forth Worth with hundreds of Community College Hispanic Leaders from all over the nation. Rep. Alonzo said that his own mother recognized that the Republican Party is the one who mainly protect the right to life of the unborn while democrats are pro-abortion but that Democrats are the ones for the "poor people". My answer then was: Yes, it’s the party that would like people to remain poor due to the big government and big spending and which also attempts against family values and against the right to life for the unborn. Where are the values of our Hispanic community on this?

I want to leave clear that I have not met Representative Naomi Gonzalez and even when she did not show up for the debate, she later emailed an apology for not been able to come to the debate. I also would like to share in this blog that outside of cameras, forums and public debates, even while I disagree in a variety of issues with the Democrats, I have a cordial relationship with State Representatives Alonzo and Farrar, especially with Rep. Alonzo whom I have debated over a dozen times. Both of them, Rep. Alonzo and Rep. Farrar are from Hispanic origin and both come from families where faith and values have been taught. I have told them, and I will continue telling them, that I pray that someday they will reconsider their position on abortion and will chose to defend the right to life for the unborn; a position that I believe their parents and grandparents hold. Their families come from families where they have faith in God. And we all know that God created life and that life begins at conception. The position of most Hispanic families is one with strong values and the desire for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for ALL Americans, including those inside their mother’s womb.

To finish taking in this theme, I would like to add that as a conservative American, and as a Hispanic, I get a little concerned when fellow conservatives strongly oppose some of us who serve our community by communicating the conservative values and issues in Spanish. Let me respectfully remind you that Spanish is the second most-common language in the United States after English. Spanish is the primary language spoken at home by over 35.5 million people aged 5 or older....There are 45 million Hispanics who speak Spanish as a first or second language and there are 6 million Spanish students, making it the world's second-largest Spanish-speaking community, only after Mexico and ahead of Spain, Colombia and Argentina.

According to the census of 2009 34.63% of the population in Texas speaks Spanish. While some people are spending their time fighting on the issue that English should be the ONLY language of this country or wanting to call it the official language of the USA, and while I am very respectful and honor and support the idea that every American citizen should speak English, there are millions of people out there who need the information in Spanish. Just in the state of Texas, there are 7,781,211 Spanish speakers. So, there is a lot of work to do. And if we conservatives think that we should not be giving the information with conservative points of view out there in Spanish, and educating the Spanish speaking community with conservative values, guess who has been giving other information out there and is actually doing a "good" job misinforming the community?!

Like it or not like it, I am doing my job using one of the best tools that God has enabled me with, and it is my flawless Spanish. I thank God for it, and I thank God that He allowed me to come to this great country and for becoming an American Citizen.

During the campaign for Rick Perry and the Convention

Governor Rick Perry on Border Security and Backdoor Amnesty
By Adryana Boyne
Rick Perry is a Governor who cares for national security, a safe community and better education for Texans. In spite of working to inhibit the actions of the federal government, he has worked to give Texas an economic environment that provides jobs. He points out that besides the fact that the federal Government does not answer our request to secure the borders, the federal government also has a spending problem!

I cheered for our Governor while he was being interviewed by Neil Cavuto on “Your World with Cavuto.”

Cavuto began his interview saying that there is a new memo circulating through the White House outlining a plan on how the White House can offer amnesty to illegals without congress getting involved at all! During the interview, the Governor also shared the letter he gave to the Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, requesting 1,000 additional border troops that she denied. Our Governor made it clear that if we do not get the border secure, all attempts of an immigration reform will mean absolutely nothing! Unless we secure our borders first we will be unable to find solutions for the problem of illegal immigration.

The Governor explained that he recently handed a letter directly to the President to request more troops on the border. This letter reminded Governor Perry of his prior request made 20 months ago. He still has not heard back from the President.

Texans, our President does not answer our Governor’s request because he does not care about our national security. Texas has 64% of the border and only 20% of the troops. If the federal government does not do its job, we cannot begin to work on a very needed, realistic, sensible solution to the immigration problem.

Cavuto also discussed the Latino vote and mentioned that Latinos have said that Perry is not favored among them. This is not true. In fact, Perry has become more popular with Latinos! This is because the Governor truly cares for Latinos and truly is concerned about the needs of all Texans. Perry reminded the viewers that Latino citizens in the State of Texas are no different than anybody else. They want good jobs, safe communities and better educational opportunities.

I am one of those Latinos who sees the Governor quite often at many events, and I know the man. He is intelligent, responsive to ALL Texans, and has a great integrity in what he does and says. I am a witness that Texans want him to continue being our Governor and Latinos love Rick Perry! On November the 2nd Vote Rick Perry for Governor!

Go to and support our Governor!