Friday, September 25, 2009

Adryana Boyne Honored by the RNC among the "Hispanics Making Their Voices Heard"

In this Hispanic Heritage Month, I am very honored in been named by the RNC among the "Hispanic Republicans making Their Voices Heard" Here is the site

I feel so blessed because it is a real honor alongside with a great responsibility. Those of you who know me know well that I stand strong for Conservative moral and fiscal values. Therefore it is my desire to bring others to these values, with God's help, to bring our country back to Conservative values.

The list that the RNC put on this month is a list of many Hispanic Republicans that are working hard for the issues that stand strong with the Republican Party. I know many of the people in the list and many are my friends and I feel much honored to be named among them: Laura Drain, Rosario Marin, Anna Escobedo Cabral, Bettina Inclan, Madeleine Rohan, Lincoln and Mario Diaz Balart, Alberto Gonzalez, Tibi Ellis, and many others. It is not a numbered list it does not have position or ranking. It is a list of those Hispanics and of course to put the photos it took an order. So no one is more recognized than the others (as a matter of fact I was first on the album as# 3 but at my request they replaced the photo since the one they put was very small and it was replaced and I went to the end of the list!)

I would like to say that there are many other Hispanics that have not been mentioned in this list. I know that the RNC knows many Hispanics but they were the ones selecting those people. However, there are many outstanding Republicans that I have known through the years that are working very hard for or with Hispanics and are making their voices heard I would like to mention few of them today:

Leslie Sanchez from DC, Angelette Aviles from Maryland,Gloria Campos and Rafael Rivadeneira from Illinois, Richard Rios and Jim Lopez from California, Dianne Costa, Francisco "Quico" Canseco, Ted Cruz, Artemio "Temo" Muniz, Edna Mc Daniel, Rene Diaz, and Silvio Canto from Texas. And por supuesto our good friend Manuel "Manny" Rosales who works in the RNC. You are great people with many talents and you are all Latinos that I admire and respect. I learn from all of you. We are in a team and all working in different areas, but with the same purpose of serving and helping our country. Hopefully more Latinos will be encouraged with our work.
Congratulations to all! Felicidades para todos! Let's continue working hard making our fiscal and moral values go in many directions. Gracias a todos!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Growing the GOP event

This is an article from Lauro Garza in the Texas GOP Vote

Review of Growing the GOP Event
By Lauro Garza
He said to me over the telephone, “Lauro, we’ve gotta do somethin’! I’m ready, Richard Rios is ready, Adryana is ready…are you ready?! “Temo” I told him, “hell yes, I’m ready…time is short…we’ve got 13 months…this is our only shot and who cares if its sloppy…we’ve got to win back the House and Senate by 2010 or ‘“all bets are off!”’ “Let’s do it then!” Temo Muñiz finished with conviction and commitment in his voice.
That’s how the “Growing the GOP” conference of September 11, 2009 began, with a passionate telephone call late at night. That’s all it takes for you, me or anyone else. Stop sitting on your hands, stop standing idly by and get involved. It’s not hard or costly or I’d surely never get in the door! You just have to be interested and motivated. That’s what we’ve done at the Latino National Republican Coalition: Texas Chapter.
A Californian named Richard Rios, who was very successful with gathering Latino conservatives there, felt the need for additional national leadership amomg conservative Latinos and formed his own group, the Latino National Republican Coalition. Temo joined him and started a state chapter here in Texas. This and our first conference took place within a month. The fact is that the Republican National Committee has realized that the Latino vote is THE swing vote in America now and can no longer be ignored. Thus, they sent out word for speakers to come to Washington to be trained as speakers with instructions from the Chairman, Michael Steele. One of those persons was Mrs. Adryana Herrera Boyne of Texas. She is the President of VOCES and VOCES Action, a non-profit organization with the goal of communicating conservative values within and through the Latino population, and she has been a leading coordinator and facilitator of both this organization and of the event on Sept. 11th.
The event held at the DaVinci room at the brand new Hotel Indigo located to the south and in view of the Houston Galleria and several other upscale hotels and condominium buildings was packed for the presentation. Mrs. Boyne, who gave a dynamic, informative and persuasive presentation, reported to me later that she had 52 seats and we had some people standing in the back. Manny Rosales, past Small Business Administration appointee and presently, the GOP Director of Coalitions, also presented the assembled with words from Chairman Steele and his own experiences as a guide and encouragement. Dr. Robin Armstrong, Vice Chairman for the Republican Party of Texas, was also in attendance and gave the departing prayer. He spoke with me afterward and gave me his thoughts. “My purpose for being here was to show that the Republican Party of Texas is in strong support of the efforts that are taking place with Adryana and Temo…we understand the need for Hispanic outreach and coalition building. What I take from the meeting is that you all are very serious about that as well…growing our numbers there. Republican values are Hispanic values…Republican values are Latino values…we believe in the same things…” When asked what Mrs. Benkiser, RPT Chair might say about this meeting he said, “…chairman Benkiser definitely believes ….in outreaching to Latinos… we’d be crazy if we didn’t believe that…”
Tex Christopher, candidate for the 18th Congressional District, was in attendance. He said, “First of all we need to have a message that’s worth being heard. We need to learn to communicate with one another and focus on the things we can come into agreement on…and learn the words we need to learn to be able to share with others Personally, I live in the Latino community and so it's very important….I have the heart and passion for the Latino community and that’s why I’m here this evening.”
Paul Simpson, precinct chair for the HCRP and candidate for the Chairman of the HCRP, has 40 years of experience with the party. “We have to recharge the grassroots that have been neglected… We’ve got to open up the party to new visions, new creativity… We’re going to miss the boat here…the party needs… to grow in the Hispanic community and get the Latino vote or else it’s going to die and we’ve got to connect with those communities that are our natural constituency. The Latino community is a key part of that.”
Edward S. Hubbard, candidate of HCRP Chairmanship, said the important thing for the party is to become a permanent part of the Latino community. “I think this is the start of something big…this is fantastic. The election is in March 2009, and I’m running because we have some real problems with the party and we’ve become closed to many neighborhoods. We need to raised money and get the grassroots vote out."
Lt. Col. Roy Morales, candidate for Houston Mayor, presently Harris Co School Trustee Pos. 6, Pct. 1 was asked what he took away from tonight’s meeting. He said, “its very similar to what I did the other day when a Hispanic Democrat came into my campaign office….and he wanted to talk about how I could win, and I said come on in and lets talk about it…I bet you believe with 90% of the ideas I have…do you believe marriage is between a man and woman?…’absolutely’…do you believe in the right to life?…’absolutely’…do you believe government should stay out of your business? ‘absolutely’….do you believe your home is your castle...see I'll bet we agree on almost 100%...”
After the agenda for the evening was complete at about 9:00 PM, most people stayed and conversed busily. Contacts were made and volunteers were added. The meeting was great success overall for both the Republican Party in Harris County and for the conservative Latinos in Texas who seek a greater voice in the politics that run our government.
By Lauro Garza at 2009-09-15 12:3

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I had a wonderful time in Houston at the event where I was invited to sepak at the Latino National Republican Coallition on Sept 11th alongside with Manny Rosales Deputy Director of the RNC . We spoke about Growing the GOP and Artemio Muniz anoundced his merge of the Conservador Alliance with the LNRC as he has become the Texas State Chapter Chairman under the leadership of national LNRC Chairman Richard Rios.
This was the first meeting of the Texas LRNC and we had the honor of the presence of Texas Republican Party vice chair who Dr.. Robin Amtrong who also spoke and gave the blessing for this Texas group which will be working supporting the Texas Republican Plattform.

I represented VOCES Action and spoke about th eimportance of sharing our values with the latinos. I look forward to return to Houston soon. I will keep in touch!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

VOCES Action in Houston in September 11th

I will be in Houston on September 11th alongside Manny Rosales Deputy Director of Coalitions for the Republican National Committee. This is an event sponsored by The Conservador Alliance and the LRNC. I will be one of the spekers and will speaking about the importance of the Latino vote and their values and the need that we have to educate them and empower them so they can vote their values. I will also speak about the need for the Non latino community to undertand the latinos. Please come!
Friday September 11th, 6:45 PM-9:00PM
Hotel Indigo:DaVinci Room
5160 Hidalgo Street
Houston,TX 77056

This is NOT a Dinner but light refreshments will be provided and Donations will be taken for VOCES Action. Please No Children.
contact or