Monday, April 12, 2010

Lone Star Tea Party featuring Adryana Boyne

Adryana Boyne will be a speaker at the Lone Star Tea Party on April 15th. This is not the first time that the Tea Party has Adryana speaking and it is not the firs tie that the Tea Party movement has Hispanics and other minorities speaking. The liberal media does not report this. Adryana stand strong for conservative, biblical values and is a motivator for the Hispanic community as well as a motivator for non Hispanics to engage with Hispanics in the country. The Tea Party will also feature Mr. Rafael Cruz, father of former solicitor general of Texas Ted Cruz and Fernando Trevino a young man from Texas A&M who has been doing a great job for conservatism in Texas Hispanic politics.
These is a great team of Hispanic Conservatives.For information see link: