Thursday, December 10, 2009

Harry Reid's Comparision of Health-Care Opponents to Slavery Supporters

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s has stretched the limits of political exaggeration. His comment comparing opponents of government-run health care to supporters of slavery is not only slanderous, it is historically naïve. If Republicans adopted the same demeanor, they could charge Democrats with returning to their historical roots of defending slavery against Republican abolitionists. After all, the health care bill would take away freedoms and rights of hardworking Americans. If Reid and Pelosi get their way, government-run health care will enslave us with higher taxes and the chains of a rapidly growing national debt that will rob us of our valued freedoms.
Dr. Daryl Boyne, President, Voces Action
Adryana Boyne, National Director, Voces Action

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cathie Adams, New Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas!

The State Republican Executive Committee elected Cathie Adams the party's chairwoman over Melinda Fredricks on a 36-25 vote.

I had the opportunity to meet Cathie Adams for the first time two years ago, and through the last couple of years, I have had the opportunity to meet with her and have had one on one conversations and got to know her better. Cathie is a very kind and brilliant woman. She is a good listener and also gives good answers . Not only she listens but she takes in account what people think, and that is one of the things I most admire in her. She always would find time to talk with people. She is a wife, mother and a grandmother, but always cares for others as well. Cathie has been very committed fo many, many years in working voluntarily for her country at her own cost without seeking self-recognition but with the purpose to help our state and our country to return to the conservative values that our Founding Fathers had when this country was founded.

It breaks my heart to read in some articles that some people have attacked her because her Christian faith, when in fact, I think is because her faith that she has been strong and committed to care for other people's welfare and to work hard, so we may have a better America.
Yes, Mrs. Adams is a Christian woman and she is not ashamed of it. Many of us, Christians like to share our faith because we know Jesus. But let me tell you that a Christian in politics has a hardest time in been appreciated in other many areas and giftedness because the very first thing that liberals use to attack is our faith and with that they try to hide the fact that there are many other great talents that people have besides their strong faith. Cathie has endured harsh comments from the press and has stood strong because she knows Who gives her strength to continue. Cathie is a mature lady with a lot of skills and experience. She will make the GOP run in an adecuate manner in Texas and she will encourage the people of Texas to grow the GOP! Her fight is for the conservative values and for the freedom of our country and many of us stand strong on that. Cathie knows why the government should not get into people's lives and that government should be giving accountability to the people and not people to the government! She cares for the life of the unborn and the protection of the family. She cares for low taxation, for personal and fiscal responsability. She spends hours defending and protecting our freedom.
For those who attack Cathie and others like me, who are Christians involved in politics, let me tell you that we are not fearful of any of you because we will continue standing strong. Just like Cathie has and many of us are doing too! This country needs more people from Judeo-Christian principles to stand strongly in their values and to vote their values! So we are not going to stop just because people criticize us for being conservative. We need more people like Cathie Adams to stand strong for what is truth and right.

Cathie is a giving person, gives her time, work and resources to the community. I strongly support the role of Cathie Adams as the new GOP chair. She is very committed to outreach and engage with the Latinos and the other minority groups in Texas. Cathie is friends with Americans and immigrants from all ethnic backgrounds. I am one of them. Cathie has always made time for me to discuss the issues that we are concerned in our country. She is already doing an absolutely awesome job. Cathie has two decades of experience serving Texans and promoting conservative values. Cathie Adams has worked with leaders like us, reminding our elected officials who elected them to ensure conservative accountability. Cathie's dedication and commitment to conservative issues and no-nonsense politics is a winning combination. Cathie is an American who cares, who has the knowledge, a friend of America, a true amiga. Gracias Cathie!

Please read Mrs. Adams's article at the Texas Tribune

We have a conversation with Mrs. Adams and the furue of the party here is the site.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Gov. Rick Perry

Gov Rick Perry has been Governor of Texas since December 21, 2000. Gov Perry stood on the steps of the state capitol, raised his right hand and took the oath of office as Texas’ 47th Governor. Every day since then he has stood for Texans’ conservative values, fought for principled solutions to tough challenges and worked to implement a clear vision for better schools, more jobs, safer communities and a brighter future.

Texans are safer because Gov. Perry ordered an aggressive border security initiative that is putting more boots on the grounds, more helicopters in the sky, and more resources into the hands of border law officers who are on the front lines of America’s homeland security efforts. Texas is shutting down illegal activity on the border, and the American homeland is more secure.

Perry has led the fight for better schools, signing into law a $2,000 pay raise for teachers and the country’s largest performance pay program. He has worked for higher standards and greater accountability. He ordered schools to spend 65% of tax dollars directly in the classroom—not bureaucracy—and required districts to open their financial books so taxpayers can see how their money is being spent. Today student test scores are rising, and a record number of children are going to college.

Perry has made job creation a top priority of his administration. Texas has gained more than 630,000 new jobs over the last three years, and more Texans are working today than ever before. Our business climate has been ranked one of the nation’s best, and we are attracting the technology-based jobs of tomorrow’s economy with new job investments.

Throughout his term in office, Gov. Perry has proven himself to be a leader who does what he believes is right, regardless of what critics may say.

He refused to raise taxes when Texas faced a record $10 billion budget shortfall in 2003. Instead, he became the first governor since World War II to sign a budget that lowered state spending. As governor, Perry has used his line item veto to cut over $2.5 billion in proposed spending—six times more than the last four Texas governors combined.

He led the battle to pass the country’s most sweeping lawsuit reforms. Junk lawsuits against medical providers have dropped off dramatically, and patients have better access to healthcare because thousands of doctors have returned to practice.

And in 2005, Perry signed a historic $15.7 billion property tax cut for homeowners and businesses that also includes new taxpayer protections against appraisal increases.

A fifth generation Texan, Perry grew up the son of tenant farmers in the tiny West Texas town of Paint Creek. The younger of Ray and Amelia Perry’s two children, he was active in scouting and earned distinction as an Eagle Scout.

Perry was one of the first in his family to go to college, earning a degree in Animal Science at Texas A&M, where he was also a member of the Corps of Cadets and a Yell Leader.

Between 1972 and 1977, Perry served in the U.S. Air Force flying C-130 tactical airlift aircraft in the Europe and the Middle East. He is a lifetime member of American Legion Post #75.

Prior to being elected Lieutenant Governor in 1998, he served two terms as Texas Commissioner of Agriculture and four terms in the Texas House of Representatives.

Perry married his childhood sweetheart, Anita Thigpen, in 1982. The Governor and First Lady are the proud parents of two children—Griffin, 23, and Sydney, 20. They are members of Tarrytown United Methodist Church in Austin.
For those who would like to know moe about Gov Perry please visit

Monday, November 16, 2009

Eva Guzman Supreme Court Justice in Texas

Recently, on October 8th, 2009 Governor Rick Perry appointed Eva Guzman to the Supreme Court of Texas. FOr more than a decade, Judge Guzsman has brought strong conservative values to the Texas Judiciary.
I met Judge Guzman few months ago and I was impressed with her speech of how she came to the Supreme Court.I have the honor to interview Judge Eva Guzman at the show My View and here is the link. The interview has interesting questons so all of you get to know Judge Guzman better. Thank you very much.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Interview with Laura Drain

Today I interviewed Laura Drain about her organizations : Alcanzando Metas and Hispanic Proffessional Women Asscociation Please liten to the show and learn more about Laura!
Please listen to the interview that VOCES Action did to Laura Drain. Minute 21:20

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Adryana featured in Voto Latino during Hispanic Heritage Month

Today I was posted at the VOTO Latino blogsite. Here you can go to the link.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Congratulations to Laura Ramirez Drain, mi hermana!

I met Laura Drain in 2006 in Washington DC, at a Republican National Hispanic Assembly Convention and she called my attention for her willingness to help and serve others around her. I heard how she expressed herself about the United States, with honor and respect. We just have so much in common: Both of us were born and reared in Mexico, both of us had immigrated to the USA, both of us married with outstanding husbands, both of us mothers of two children, both of us speaking Spanish as our mother tongue but have learned English, both of us conservative. To my pleasure I saw Laura again at the Republican floor of the Republican National Convention; both of us were elected at-large in our home state. I was a Delegate from Texas and she was a delegate from Virginia. She has just become an American few weeks before the convention! Laura was the Co Chair of Latinas for McCain's Chapter and Women for McCain in Virginia and DC. Then I saw Laura again in Texas at the Gov. Sarah Palin event where 50 Latino Leaders were honored to hear Gov. Palin. I saw Laura working very close and very hard in the Presidential campaign as we were worming for the Latino vote. Meanwhile, Laura and I got to know each other through the campaign, telephone and e-mails. She expressed her conservative values and surprised me with her accomplishments. Laura, in few years has done so much more than many others that have the blessing to be born and reared in the USA.

Laura came to the USA from Mexico in 1999 as part of career relocation with the Hewlett-Packard Corporation. Taking with her social, religious and conservative political values from Mexico she sought out to find community and political activities in her newly adopted home. Before she came to the USA, when she used to live in Mexico, Laura was involved with the conservative party, (PAN), and the Catholic church. Laura was very involved in volunteerism at Mexico’s most violent earthquake and that helped Laura in the foundation of Laura’s beliefs and views on government and politics.

In the United States, she formed in 2004 the Hispanic Professional Women Association (HPWA), to provide networking and career support for Hispanic professional women around the United States, Latin America and Europe. In 2006 she started the "Alcanzando Metas Foundation" , an education foundation dedicated to serving gifted Hispanic high school students in their preparation for higher education and entry into 21st century careers. In 2008 she became a citizen of the United States of America and was elected as the Hispanic delegate for the State of Virginia to the Republican National Conference. This conservative woman has given so much of herself, her time, her efforts, and her money in conservatives causes EVEN before becoming an American Citizen!

Recently, I went to Washington DC. Laura pick the team of VOCES Action at the Reagan airport: Two of VOCES Action board members, Dianne Salvagno Costa, Edna Cuellar McDaniel and I. Laura not only picked us up but took us for lunch to a beautiful place so we felt more than welcome in Washington. She went the extra mile to host us. I saw her working endless hours in a campaign that we were all very hopeful for. Laura , alongside with other outstanding Latinos leaders who were running for positions at a Republican Group, worked very hard. Other outstanding Conservative Republicans who are leaders in different areas came to speak on behalf of this team, among them were author and political commentator Leslie Sanchez, Tito Munoz (Tito the Builder) Mayor Dianne Costa and myself. Laura barely sleeps. Every day she was working, giving an interview for TV, helping someone, and she always doing that with a good attitude.

Sadly , that election was lost and I will not go in detail why that election was lost. What I will share is that many conservative Latinos were quite disappointed with the results of that election but God brought something better: A new organization coalition that was very much needed in America and with the same leadership that we all were trusting, Laura among them.The Latino National Republican Coalition.

I went back to Washington DC, and Laura and I attended several trainings together. One with the RNC as we both is Surrogates of the RNC and training with the Leadership Institute. She and I were in the same team, and we did alongside other people a great team work. There, in a case study I could relay in the wealth of business experience and technology that Laura has.

Laura strong Hispanic accent is not a problem. She really knows how to talk to the people. What can I say, I have an accent too! Laura is also the Founder and President of the Hispanic Professional Women Association. Having developed chapters over the last five years in the United States, Europe, and Latin America, Ms. Drain is a proven business leader who focuses on growth.

Currently, Laura has been expanding her knowledge of politics through participation in the Leadership Institute, assistance with the various Virginian political campaigns as MacDonnell for Governor . She is also an active member in the Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Virginia, Welcoming committee of the Republican Party of Virginia and the Fairfax County Republican committee, she was also Class 2009 of The Jennifer Byler Institute which mission is to increase the number of effective Republican women in public. (FCRC).

I not only recognize Laura for her political activism serving Hispanics in the Republican Party through her efforts. I recognize her also for her integrity, accountability and teachability. That with the character and the humility are great values in a leader. Laura is always willing to learn. Since VOCES speaks and educateon the conservative issues on life and family and the biblical principles, Laura always listens with atention. She stands strongly with us on thos principles. and with VOCES Action , she has showed support and has given to us great advice to the organization as well.

During Hispanic Heritage Month Laura Drain and I were named by the RNC among the "Hispanic Republicans Making Their Voices Heard." we were both very happy because we know we have work very hard for the values we stand for.
Recently Laura has been awarded by the Asociación Mundial de Mexicanos en el Exterior (AMME), as one successful woman in the USA.
I see in Laura Ramirez Drain a leader that knows that leadership begins with serving others. All those who know Laura, know exactly what I am talking about. She will continue the fight for what is right. Laura is presently helping now in Virginia's race campaign of Bob McDonnell for Governor and Ken Cuccinelli for Attorney General.
Voces Action has been motivated to go as Edna McDaniel and I are planning to go and help also in this election . Both are motivated for our love for God and for the people. Tito and Debbie Munoz have extended us their hand to go and help. We are looking forward to see many people there but most of all, I am looking forward to see my sister Laura and give her an abrazo of appreciation for all that she is doing. Congratulations to Laura Ramírez Drain and gracias por tu trabajo!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

America's Tea party 4th of July ,2009 Dallas Southfork Ranch

On July the 4th of 2009 I had the honor to be one of the SPeakers at the largest Tea party in the whole USA. America's Tea Party:The Dallas Tea Party. Many people gathered there to celebrate our freedom. There were several speakers invited, among those Michelle Malkin which I really enjoyed meeting. Before me there were some speakers that broke the rule of their time and spoke longer than they were asked to so there were some bands playing too so I felt a lot of rush during the speech. THis is not my best speech delivery. I was speaking in both languages English and Spanish. The message was put in Univision afternoon news. SO the time was crucial and I had to SPEED!!!!!!!!!! Spo I apologize for speeding . As a matter of fact, I am very picky evaluator of my speaking engagements. As a good toastmaster I just have a tendency to judge my delivery and the delivery of others. I just did not enjoyed the speed of my delivery,but the message is there. We are a great nation! I believe in personal responsability and fiscal responsability. I believe in the established laws and in national soverignity. I believe we need to get an immigration solution.Please watch the whole 6 minutes even if the last ones are in Spanish becasue I make a statement at the end. Thank you.

Texas GOP Vote featured Adryana from VOCES Action as the Featured Voice

Friday, September 25, 2009

Adryana Boyne Honored by the RNC among the "Hispanics Making Their Voices Heard"

In this Hispanic Heritage Month, I am very honored in been named by the RNC among the "Hispanic Republicans making Their Voices Heard" Here is the site

I feel so blessed because it is a real honor alongside with a great responsibility. Those of you who know me know well that I stand strong for Conservative moral and fiscal values. Therefore it is my desire to bring others to these values, with God's help, to bring our country back to Conservative values.

The list that the RNC put on this month is a list of many Hispanic Republicans that are working hard for the issues that stand strong with the Republican Party. I know many of the people in the list and many are my friends and I feel much honored to be named among them: Laura Drain, Rosario Marin, Anna Escobedo Cabral, Bettina Inclan, Madeleine Rohan, Lincoln and Mario Diaz Balart, Alberto Gonzalez, Tibi Ellis, and many others. It is not a numbered list it does not have position or ranking. It is a list of those Hispanics and of course to put the photos it took an order. So no one is more recognized than the others (as a matter of fact I was first on the album as# 3 but at my request they replaced the photo since the one they put was very small and it was replaced and I went to the end of the list!)

I would like to say that there are many other Hispanics that have not been mentioned in this list. I know that the RNC knows many Hispanics but they were the ones selecting those people. However, there are many outstanding Republicans that I have known through the years that are working very hard for or with Hispanics and are making their voices heard I would like to mention few of them today:

Leslie Sanchez from DC, Angelette Aviles from Maryland,Gloria Campos and Rafael Rivadeneira from Illinois, Richard Rios and Jim Lopez from California, Dianne Costa, Francisco "Quico" Canseco, Ted Cruz, Artemio "Temo" Muniz, Edna Mc Daniel, Rene Diaz, and Silvio Canto from Texas. And por supuesto our good friend Manuel "Manny" Rosales who works in the RNC. You are great people with many talents and you are all Latinos that I admire and respect. I learn from all of you. We are in a team and all working in different areas, but with the same purpose of serving and helping our country. Hopefully more Latinos will be encouraged with our work.
Congratulations to all! Felicidades para todos! Let's continue working hard making our fiscal and moral values go in many directions. Gracias a todos!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Growing the GOP event

This is an article from Lauro Garza in the Texas GOP Vote

Review of Growing the GOP Event
By Lauro Garza
He said to me over the telephone, “Lauro, we’ve gotta do somethin’! I’m ready, Richard Rios is ready, Adryana is ready…are you ready?! “Temo” I told him, “hell yes, I’m ready…time is short…we’ve got 13 months…this is our only shot and who cares if its sloppy…we’ve got to win back the House and Senate by 2010 or ‘“all bets are off!”’ “Let’s do it then!” Temo Muñiz finished with conviction and commitment in his voice.
That’s how the “Growing the GOP” conference of September 11, 2009 began, with a passionate telephone call late at night. That’s all it takes for you, me or anyone else. Stop sitting on your hands, stop standing idly by and get involved. It’s not hard or costly or I’d surely never get in the door! You just have to be interested and motivated. That’s what we’ve done at the Latino National Republican Coalition: Texas Chapter.
A Californian named Richard Rios, who was very successful with gathering Latino conservatives there, felt the need for additional national leadership amomg conservative Latinos and formed his own group, the Latino National Republican Coalition. Temo joined him and started a state chapter here in Texas. This and our first conference took place within a month. The fact is that the Republican National Committee has realized that the Latino vote is THE swing vote in America now and can no longer be ignored. Thus, they sent out word for speakers to come to Washington to be trained as speakers with instructions from the Chairman, Michael Steele. One of those persons was Mrs. Adryana Herrera Boyne of Texas. She is the President of VOCES and VOCES Action, a non-profit organization with the goal of communicating conservative values within and through the Latino population, and she has been a leading coordinator and facilitator of both this organization and of the event on Sept. 11th.
The event held at the DaVinci room at the brand new Hotel Indigo located to the south and in view of the Houston Galleria and several other upscale hotels and condominium buildings was packed for the presentation. Mrs. Boyne, who gave a dynamic, informative and persuasive presentation, reported to me later that she had 52 seats and we had some people standing in the back. Manny Rosales, past Small Business Administration appointee and presently, the GOP Director of Coalitions, also presented the assembled with words from Chairman Steele and his own experiences as a guide and encouragement. Dr. Robin Armstrong, Vice Chairman for the Republican Party of Texas, was also in attendance and gave the departing prayer. He spoke with me afterward and gave me his thoughts. “My purpose for being here was to show that the Republican Party of Texas is in strong support of the efforts that are taking place with Adryana and Temo…we understand the need for Hispanic outreach and coalition building. What I take from the meeting is that you all are very serious about that as well…growing our numbers there. Republican values are Hispanic values…Republican values are Latino values…we believe in the same things…” When asked what Mrs. Benkiser, RPT Chair might say about this meeting he said, “…chairman Benkiser definitely believes ….in outreaching to Latinos… we’d be crazy if we didn’t believe that…”
Tex Christopher, candidate for the 18th Congressional District, was in attendance. He said, “First of all we need to have a message that’s worth being heard. We need to learn to communicate with one another and focus on the things we can come into agreement on…and learn the words we need to learn to be able to share with others Personally, I live in the Latino community and so it's very important….I have the heart and passion for the Latino community and that’s why I’m here this evening.”
Paul Simpson, precinct chair for the HCRP and candidate for the Chairman of the HCRP, has 40 years of experience with the party. “We have to recharge the grassroots that have been neglected… We’ve got to open up the party to new visions, new creativity… We’re going to miss the boat here…the party needs… to grow in the Hispanic community and get the Latino vote or else it’s going to die and we’ve got to connect with those communities that are our natural constituency. The Latino community is a key part of that.”
Edward S. Hubbard, candidate of HCRP Chairmanship, said the important thing for the party is to become a permanent part of the Latino community. “I think this is the start of something big…this is fantastic. The election is in March 2009, and I’m running because we have some real problems with the party and we’ve become closed to many neighborhoods. We need to raised money and get the grassroots vote out."
Lt. Col. Roy Morales, candidate for Houston Mayor, presently Harris Co School Trustee Pos. 6, Pct. 1 was asked what he took away from tonight’s meeting. He said, “its very similar to what I did the other day when a Hispanic Democrat came into my campaign office….and he wanted to talk about how I could win, and I said come on in and lets talk about it…I bet you believe with 90% of the ideas I have…do you believe marriage is between a man and woman?…’absolutely’…do you believe in the right to life?…’absolutely’…do you believe government should stay out of your business? ‘absolutely’….do you believe your home is your castle...see I'll bet we agree on almost 100%...”
After the agenda for the evening was complete at about 9:00 PM, most people stayed and conversed busily. Contacts were made and volunteers were added. The meeting was great success overall for both the Republican Party in Harris County and for the conservative Latinos in Texas who seek a greater voice in the politics that run our government.
By Lauro Garza at 2009-09-15 12:3

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I had a wonderful time in Houston at the event where I was invited to sepak at the Latino National Republican Coallition on Sept 11th alongside with Manny Rosales Deputy Director of the RNC . We spoke about Growing the GOP and Artemio Muniz anoundced his merge of the Conservador Alliance with the LNRC as he has become the Texas State Chapter Chairman under the leadership of national LNRC Chairman Richard Rios.
This was the first meeting of the Texas LRNC and we had the honor of the presence of Texas Republican Party vice chair who Dr.. Robin Amtrong who also spoke and gave the blessing for this Texas group which will be working supporting the Texas Republican Plattform.

I represented VOCES Action and spoke about th eimportance of sharing our values with the latinos. I look forward to return to Houston soon. I will keep in touch!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

VOCES Action in Houston in September 11th

I will be in Houston on September 11th alongside Manny Rosales Deputy Director of Coalitions for the Republican National Committee. This is an event sponsored by The Conservador Alliance and the LRNC. I will be one of the spekers and will speaking about the importance of the Latino vote and their values and the need that we have to educate them and empower them so they can vote their values. I will also speak about the need for the Non latino community to undertand the latinos. Please come!
Friday September 11th, 6:45 PM-9:00PM
Hotel Indigo:DaVinci Room
5160 Hidalgo Street
Houston,TX 77056

This is NOT a Dinner but light refreshments will be provided and Donations will be taken for VOCES Action. Please No Children.
contact or

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Latina Voices heard in Washington DC

Latina voices being heard in Washington
Published 08/27/2009 - 11:06 a.m. CST
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L to R: Dianne Costa, Adryana Boyne, RNC Chairman Michael Steele and Edna McDaniel meet in Washington to address conservative issues.
Three local women went to Washington D.C. to represent VOCES Action, a non-profit corporation representing conservative values among Latinos. Highland Village resident Adryana Boyne, National Director of VOCES Action, along with board members, Edna Cuellar McDaniel (Flower Mound) and Dianne Costa (Mayor of Highland Village), attended the Republican National Assembly annual convention. In an effort to include and empower the Latino voice, VOCES, (Spanish word for voices) a 501c3, and VOCES Action, a (501c4) sister organization, have been launched in the Highland Village area with an aim at communicating conservative values within and through the Latino and non-Latino communities, empowering them to get involved in protecting and promoting their conservative values in their homes, cities, states and country, as well as serving as a bridge between communities. Ms Boyne believes that the majority of American Hispanics hold to conservative values. “In spite of holding to these conservative values, their positions have been minimized, ignored and even distorted,” said Ms. Boyne. Ms. Boyne and Ms. Costa were invited as speakers, alongside other outstanding conservative Latinos like Leslie Sanchez, Dr. Henry Ramirez (first Hispanic official in the White House cabinet under former President Nixon), former Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez and former Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez.
Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steel congratulated the three women for the work they do among Latinos with the organization VOCES Action. Ms. McDaniel was invited to encourage the conservative vote among young people. Ms. Costa was invited to form part of a group to work towards a GOP solution for the immigration situation. Ms. Boyne was invited back to D.C. to become a national surrogate for the RNC to the Spanish Media. She has been a spokesperson for the Republican Party in Texas for the last three years. She was nominated and elected to be a surrogate at the national level. She is well known for her strong conservative stance and her ability to effectively communicate issues. The three women, along with VOCES Action President, Dr. Daryl Boyne advocate for conservative values such as pro-life, traditional marriage and individual freedoms, coupled with personal responsibility.
- Special to The News Connection

We at VOCES ACTION were delighted to endorse Mr. Richard Rios for RNHA Chair and his slate. His website is

We are aware that elections are not held based on political slates and that each position is voted individually. The measure of success in an organization lays on its leadership ability to work as an effective team and its diversity to ensure that there is balance and representation from all.
Chair Richard Rios California Chair
1st Vice-chair Gloria Campos Mid-West Director, Illinois Past Chair
2nd Vice-chair Laura Drain Virginia
Treasurer Rafael Rivadeneira Illinois State Chair
Assistant Treasurer Frank Tijenera Colorado State Chair
Secretary Tibi Ellis Nevada ChairFor more information go to

"I am happy to endorse Mr. Richard Rios and welcome his strong initiative to unite resources and partner with other local and national Hispanic organizations. Alongside RIchard I am also happy in endorsing Laura Drain, a dedicated and dynamic worker. I have personally witnessed the involvement of Laura in promoting conservative values and the Republican Party at diferent events in different states. I extend this endorsement to Gloria Campos, Tibi Ellis and Rafael Rivadeneira. All of them are Republicans with integrity, responsability and accountability who are committed to work as a team in the mission of representing well conservative Hispanics "

Adryana Boyne
National Director of VOCES ACTION
GOP Spokesperson Spanish Media and Hispanic Affairs -
TexasAt-Large Delegate, Republican National Convention, 2008

"As the mother of 2 soldiers I can certainly attest that one of the critical areas for the future will be our military. Rios is someone who sought to serve early in his life, demonstrating his belief in having a strong military. Even though he was unable to serve due to medical reasons, he has still followed his "service" heart, as reflected in his many acts of volunteerism such as during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. I would encourage everyone to support Richard Rios due to his history of being a statesman rather than a politician - showing his selfless dedication to the greater good of everyone "

Dianne Costa
Mayor of Highland Village,TX
Board of Directors of VOCES ACTION

"Impressive! Richard Rios is a Leader with a vision and strategic plan that fleshes out a team approach, uniting Latinos and non-Latinos from coast-to-coast, with a common purpose/goal of moving the conservative platform forward, thus, preserving the integrity of our constitution, "We the people..." I endorse Richard Rios for National RNHA Chair. "

Edna Cuellar McDaniel
Board of Directors VOCES ACTION

A couple of articles about Adryana Boyne and Hispanics and the GOP

Empowering Latino voices in the GOP
Netsky Rodriguez
Published 07/23/2009 - 12:11 p.m. CST

Highland Village resident Adryana Boyne speaks at the Denton County Republican Party meeting.
Netsky Rodriguez
Getting the conservative word out to Hispanics is an effort that Highland Village resident Adryana Boyne has made her passion. At the recent Denton County Republican Party meeting, held in the communications room at Lewisville Medical Center, Ms. Boyne was the featured speaker. As the recent organizer of VOCES (Voices Offering Conservative Empowering Solutions), Ms. Boyne is on a mission to educate Hispanics through Spanish and English television, radio and other media on conservative viewpoints. Her husband, Dr. Daryl Boyne, is the National Director of VOCES.
As a Latina and an activist for conservative values, Ms. Boyne has observed the great need for representation of conservative values among Latinos. While the conservative perspective is largely absent from Hispanic media, Ms. Boyne has had the opportunity during the last three years to present conservative viewpoints on Spanish and English television, radio, and other media. Although she has had to debate with those who disagree, including liberal state representatives, she has seen the great opportunity to influence Latinos for the values that matter most. “We have seen Latinos emboldened to stand for their innate conservative values,” said Ms. Boyne.
In an effort to include and empower the Latino voice, VOCES, (Spanish word for voices) a 501c3, and VOCES Action (a 501c4), sister organization, have been launched in the Highland Village area with an aim at communicating conservative values within and through the Latino and non-Latino communities, empowering them to get involved in protecting and promoting their conservative values in their homes, cities, states and country, as well as serving as a bridge between communities. Ms Boyne believes that the majority of American Hispanics hold to conservative values. “In spite of holding to these conservative values, their positions have been minimized, ignored and even distorted,” said Ms. Boyne.
The effort of VOCES is to:
• Target the Latino communities • Change rhetoric and soften language• Unite in conservative issues• Spend more time talking about fiscal responsibilities and moral values• Pick our battles wisely• Educate all people on issues• Include forums from other cultures
Among the many endorsements Ms. Boyne has received, Congressman Michael Burgess wrote, “I am proud to stand behind the work Adryana and Dr. Daryl Boyne are doing at VOCES. As the fastest growing demographic in the country, it is important that Latinos have a strong conservative voice and representation that reverberates across the country.”
Highland Village Mayor Dianne Costa, who is on the Board of Directors of VOCES, added, “The Hispanic population is very much in need of someone who understands the culture and values, and Adryana is extremely capable of delivering the message across all spectrums of our nation. Daryl brings a wealth of political knowledge as well as a savvy understanding of how the message is best delivered. Together, they are a powerhouse that will create a synergy to bring all who share the same values and perspectives into a formidable entity, VOCES. Without reservation I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Daryl and Adryana Boyne.” Another board member, Edna Cuellar McDaniel, said, “Adryana educates her audience on conservative issues and equips them for action with a deep love for God, family and country. Adryana is a must-have-right-now to bridge the gap!”
Texas State Senator Jane Nelson said, "We have always had strong Hispanic voices in the conservative movement; individuals who believe in economic prosperity, supporting families and loving our country. These voices are stronger when united, so I expect great things to come from VOCES." The VOCES organization feels that the biggest source for growth of the conservative ranks comes from our Latino citizenry. It is their effort to reach out and include these citizens.
August 12-16, 2009 Ms. Boyne, as President of VOCES, along with Board of Director members Mayor Dianne Costa and Edna Cuellar McDaniel will be traveling to Washington where Ms. Boyne and Mayor Costa will be speakers alongside Rep, Marco Rubio, former Speaker of the House of Representatives of Florida and candidate for the US Senate for Florida. The three of them will be at the event for Richard Rios, candidate for Chairman of The Republican National Hispanic Assembly.

Hispanics and the GOP have much in common
July 10, 11:14 PMDenton County Republican ExaminerDianne EdmondsonIt’s a demographic given: In less than a decade, Hispanics will become the majority of Texas residents. Many political pundits predict that this increased Hispanic population will spell the death knell for Republicans throughout Texas. But does that prediction have to become reality?
It’s widely believed – due to much media hype – that Republicans view Hispanics as “the enemy” in some kind of “them versus us” contest. Yet none of the Republicans I know feel that way at all! While we believe that our laws –including those on immigration – should be obeyed, we do NOT translate that belief into a racial bias.
There is so much commonality between conservatives and traditional Hispanics – our views on pro-life, family values, high moral standards. But finding that common ground and showing Hispanics how well they would fit into the GOP tent seems to be difficult for most Republicans to do.
Enter a dynamic Denton County Republican Latina, Adryana Boyne, who brings her strong conservative beliefs unashamedly to the table as she speaks -- in both English and Spanish – to the Hispanic community. A native of Mexico who became a US citizen in 1994, Adryana has been on radio, television and in many newspaper articles. As a national delegate to the Republican convention last year, she caught the attention of many photographers and her smiling face appeared in many publications. Recently, she formed VOCES in Action, an organization dedicated to motivating, informing and equipping Latinos in America to help regain conservative values in our country.
Now Denton County Republicans have the opportunity to hear her words of wisdom concerning our outreach to her fellow Hispanics. She will be the featured speaker Thursday evening, July 16th at the monthly meeting of Denton County Republicans. The meeting, which is held in the second floor community room of the Lewisville Medical Center, will begin at 7 p.m. and is precede by a 6 p.m. social hour. All area Republicans are welcome to attend.
It’s high time that we learn how to find our common ground with Hispanics, and Adryana is just the person to show us how to do that!
Adryana Boyne at the 2008 GOP National Convention.

For more info:

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sarah Palin

Gov. Palin has resigned from her office as Governor and she has given a last speech as Governor of Alaska. Now her life is going to a new directionl I can feel like I identify myself with her in a lot of ways. I have the blessing in seen her for the first time at the National Convention when I was a Texas Delegate. We were all really excited at that speech. We know that she is a woman with values and conservative positions. Then, I have the opportunity to meeet her in person when she came to Dallas and she met for breakfast with 47 Latino leaders. I spoke briefly with her and also with Todd Palin her godly husband. I introduce both of them to my husband as well. I can't wait to hear more from Sarah Palin in the following months and years to come. God bless you Sarah Palin!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Monday, July 20, 2009

Here is a recent article about my speech at the Denton County Republican Party Executive Committee Meeting. I sent a comment and clarified to the writer that I said ..."do not expect everyone to BE like you"

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Gov. Mike Huckabee
Hello to all. You may wonder why I put this photo in my first blog. Well It is one of my favorites. I like Gov. Mike Huckabee. Those of you who know me, are very aware that I was the Chair of Hispanics for Huckabee during the presidential election. The truth is that I still think that Gov. Mike Huckabee is the man that should become our President. There are many other people suitable for the job of course. I believe Mike is just the man that the USA needs to govern our country. He has integrity, accountability, character, transparency, faith, experience, humility, conservativive values, discerment, free market, pro-life, second ammendment rights, fair tax, realistic and interacts with all sorts of people. If you do not know him watch his show on FOX on Saturdays or on Sundays. What else we could ask for?